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Subscriptions Academy

Designed to strengthen and accelerate growth.

What is the Programme about?

Subscriptions Academy (previously Subscriptions Lab), is an ambitious and intensive eight-month programme that will address every step of the digital subscriptions process, from discovery to conversion to retention.

The programme is designed to strengthen and accelerate the growth of the subscription businesses and help publishers deliver customised plans such as optimising the sales funnel and developing new monetisation strategies.

Who is the Programme for?

The programme comprises of online consultancy to help publishers understand drivers of performance, set ambitious goals, and build capabilities for the future. This programme is for publishers who have been offering paid subscriptions or memberships for over 1 year and has more than 5,000 paying subscribers.

What’s the required time and resource commitment?

8 months, 6 hours of engagement every week (this may vary from week to week). Commitment also includes a recurring update meeting.

What’s the output?

Participants will receive dedicated 1:1 support and learn from the shared experiences of other participants as well as from Google, FT Strategies and INMA experts - delivery will be mostly digital.

What are the dates planned?

Annually March - November.