Building an engagement-centric organisation and boosting subscription performance for La Croix


La Croix is a French news publisher focusing on religious content. Despite recent success in increasing traffic through SEO, engagement levels are still low and prevent a high conversion rate.

The company had committed to transforming its print-centric newsroom into a digital-first one, but the path to success in this area remained unclear.


FT Strategies engaged La Croix in an 8-month transformation program including:

  • Executing an in-depth diagnostic of performance
  • Inspiring change through the intervention of FT subject matter experts
  • Building a North Star strategy with an action plan and capability roadmap
  • Implementing four experiments aligned with key priorities

"First time in my entire career I’ve worked with consultants that already know the business before they come into the situation and work in this impactful way. You’re changing consulting for the better."

Philippe Colombet Chief Digital Officer, La Croix


  • Data-enhanced newsroom through the implementation of a new article score to drive content planning and distribution
  • Engagement-centric organisation through defining a North Star objective, North Star Metric (RFV), and outcome-driven governance
  • North Star strategy with clear outcomes, ROI-prioritised initiatives and roadmap to deliver 5m in additional revenue / 40k new subscribers by 2023
  • Doubled social click-through by promoting content based on a new article score
  • Increased conversion by 10% thanks to experimentation on the paywall